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Location: Ontario

Founded: 1967

DLI Number: O19358971022

Number of Students: 20000


  • Ottawa

  • Pembroke

  • Perth

  • Mississauga

Algonquin College is the only english speaking public college located in Ottawa ranking the 4th largest cosmopolitan city in Canada with the population of 1.3 million. Ottawa is one of Canada's most important technology hubs with a strong economy and stable job market, particularly in the IT sector of the population aged 25 to 64 has a bachelor degree or higher.


Algonquin College - Ottawa is the largest campus among others providing state of the art facilities including a library and collaborative work spaces. With more than 180 quality programs offering credentials for highschools and university/college graduates, 23,0000 full time students including 4,000 international ones can experience industry-skills through work placements, fieldworld, co-op and applied research while studying at Algonquin College. 

Top 5 Programs:

  • College Diploma - Hospitality

  • College Diploma - Business

  • College Diploma - Electrical Engineering Technician

  • Advanced College Diploma - Business Administration

  • College Diploma- Computer Programming

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