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Location: Ontario

Founded: 1966

DLI Number: O19394700003

Number of Students: 45000


  • Ashtonbee

  • Downsview

  • Morningside

  • Story Arts Center

  • Progress

Centennial College is located in Toronto, Ontario as an economic hub in Canada. Centennial College - Progress campus is a home to the School of Business and Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts, while Centennial College's new Downsview Campus facilitates the relocation of our long-running Aviation Technician programs, as well as the related aircraft and equipment to provide new programs in Aerospace Manufacturing. 


The co-op programs help more than 12,000 international and exchange students at Centennial to be more well-prepared via multiple enriched learning, full-time and market - driven programs in the real world.


Top 5 Programs:

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