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Location: Ontario

Founded: 1967

DLI Number: O19283850612

Number of Students: 32000


  • St. James

  • Casa Loma

  • Waterfront

  • Ryerson

George Brown College’s location gives students access to top employers for field education and networking opportunities. It also means they'll get to enjoy other perks of going to school downtown, including being close to great cafes, restaurants, shopping, and Toronto attractions. The three campuses — Casa Loma, St. James and Waterfront — are all easily accessible by public transit and surrounded by bike lanes as part of Toronto’s cycling network. 


George Brown College offers more than 172 career-focused full time programs with at least one experiential learning opportunity via coop or internship program with our industry partners. There are multiple programs and pathways offering to meet the needs of international students. At GBC, students are responsible for verifying George Brown College admission, graduation, and fee requirements as well as any requirements of outside institutions, industry associations or other bodies that may award additional designations concurrently with, or after completion of GBC program.

Top 5 programs

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